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High employee turnover? Low productivity? Here’s a way to attract and retain the best employees.

Employee wellness programs used to be seen as more of a perk than vital operations...but times have changed! We had to figure out how to make wellness accessible, equitable and affordable...and we did!

Companies that prioritize employee wellness enjoy:

  • Less turnover

  • Greater productivity

  • Elevated company culture

  • Higher morale

  • Less absenteeism

  • Less accidents

  • Reduced workman's comp claims

  • Lower insurance premiums

Employees that use wellness programs enjoy:

  • Less stress

  • Better sleep

  • Better physical & mental health

  • Better relationships with family

  • Greater team spirit among coworkers

  • Stronger resilience to change

  • More confidence in making life decisions

At Ingomu, we believe in uplifting humankind by making a positive difference in the lives of many. In one app, your employees will have unlimited access to all of our first-class coaches who host live virtual group life, work, soul, and wellness sessions that are also available on-demand anytime, anywhere.

Ready to see how Ingomu can work for your organization? Fill out this form to request a phone call with member of our team. Your bottom line will thank you!

I am the debt elimination coach at Ingomu and my coaching community is 1-2-3, You’re Debt Free! See you in the app!

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